Insurance & Pension Denmark is a business organization that serves the interests of our members, such as insurance companies, pension funds and insurance agents.


Who are members?

Insurance & Pension Denmark have 83 members, comprising 64 groups, administrative cooperatives and individual companies. The majority of insurance companies, pension funds and insurance agents in Denmark are members of Insurance & Pension Denmark.


You will find a complete list of our members here


Who can become a member?

The following can become a member of Insurance & Pension Denmark:


  • Danish insurance companies that have a concession according the Danish Financial Business Act
  • Branches of foreign insurance companies that operate in Denmark
  • Pension funds that are regulated by the Danish Financial Business Act
  • Insurance companies that operates on the basis of Faroese law

Insurance & Pension Denmark is not an insurance company or a pension fund. Private individuals cannot become members.


Information only membership

Insurance companies that operate cross-border from other EU-countries or countries that have implemented the EU non-life and life insurance directive, and which are not situated in Denmark, have the option to become information only members.


You will find a complete list of our information only members here


What does Insurance & Pension Denmark do?

Insurance & Pension Denmark is a business organization that represents the interests of the Danish insurance companies and pension funds. For instance, we represent our members’ political interests in relation to relevant authorities in Denmark and EU. We have particular focus on Danish interpretation and implementation of EU regulation, Danish supervision regulation and practices, Danish taxation rules, regulation of car insurances and occupation injury insurance etc.


We are also a knowledge center. The access to our data and information means that our members can save time performing their own analyses, e.g. regarding the interpretation and implementation of new regulation. In this manner, membership of Insurance & Pension Denmark helps performing central tasks in the Danish insurance and pension industry.  


How can my company become a member?

You are more than welcome to write to direktionssekretariat@forsikringogpension.dk for more information about the possibilities to become a member.


What is the cost of membership?

All members pay a basis membership fee, which is regulated on a yearly basis.


On top of this, members pay a contribution which is calculated on the basis of their premium income and allocated on the basis of the approved budget for the given year.

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