The Danish insurance and pensions industry supports sanctions against Russia

4. Mar. 2022
We are all deeply affected by the situation in Ukraine, and the Danish insurance and pensions companies unequivocally support the sanctions adopted against the Russian regime. The industry does not wish to support Russia in any way or to be associated with the regime.

-Our members have already liquidated, or are in the process of liquidating, their investments in Russia. We strongly and unambiguously support the sanctions adopted, and we shall continue to do so if intensified. At the same time, we – the individual companies as well as the industry as a whole – are deeply committed to supporting Ukraine in the best possible way, and we condemn Russia’s aggression, says CEO Kent Damsgaard, Insurance & Pension Denmark.


The industry also wishes to engage in dialogue with the Danish authorities on the consequences of insurance coverage that the industry may have undertaken in Russia.


-It is absolutely essential for our companies to effectively support and observe the sanctions to ensure that we, as an industry, assume our share of the pressure on the Russian regime. This applies to both investments and insurance business. We are in close dialogue with the authorities on these matters – while trying to determine how we, as an industry, may help and support, says Kent Damsgaard.

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