Here you can find publications that describe a number of common insurance and pension issues


Cool or Creepy

Data usage and the principles of data ethics in the insurance and pension industry.

Download Cool or Creepy (publication)


Cars and Insurance

"Cars and Insurance" contains answers to some of the questions that consumers will have when they have been involved in a road traffic accident.



Data Use And Data Ethics – Dilemmas and Possible Positions for the Insurance and Pension Industry

In this report, IPD describes the dilemmas and possible positions for the insurance and pension industry today and the in the future.

Download Data Use And Data Ethics (publication)



External Evaluation of the IPD Transparency Initiatives

The international consultancy Towers Watson have carried out a comprehensive evaluation of the Danish Insurance Association’s (DIA) initiatives and web tools on transparency and openness.

Download External Evaluation of the IPD Transparency Initiatives (publication)



Good Pensions With Controlled Risk

Description of IPDs newest consumer initiatives aimed at improving consumer information and risk management.

Download Good Pensions With Controlled Risk (publication)



Guidelines in Case of Average

Published by the Marine Insurance Committee of the Danish Insurance Association in view of the many cases of average, minor as well as major, the Marine Insurance Committee has decided to publish a revised version of GUIDELINES IN CASE OF AVERAGE. The guidelines are intended as a tool for shipowners' masters in case of average.

Download Guidelines in Case of Average (publication) 



How to Make Consumer Information Effective?

Insights from expert knowledge and behavioral theories can  inspire and qualify future design of disclosure requirements and transparency initiatives. The DIA believes it is a shared responsibility between industry and legislators to ensure consumers transparency and understandable information. The "right" consumer information is key to empowering consumers to make informed financial decisions.

Download How to Make Consumer Information Effective (publication) 



Insurance And Pension For Everyday Needs

”Insurance and pension for everyday needs” describes in outline the risks typically covered by the individual classes of insurance as well as non-covered risks. First of all, we tell you about personal insurance, but as the job plays an important part of our everyday lives, we also provide a section on the types of insurance that apply at the workplace.

Download Insurance and Pension for Everyday Needs (publication) 



Insurance in the Welfare State

The Danish Insurance Association's intention with this contribution til the welfare debate is to illustrate some of the key issues that must be considered in the important debate of reforms.

Download Insurance in the Welfare State (publication) 



The Danish Pension System - In a Class of Its Own

"The Danish pension system - in a class of its own" documents how occupational pension schemes benefit the economy as a whole and the individual person's financial situation in retirement.

Download The Danish Pension System (publication) 



Towards a Common Data Ethics – Individual, Society and Business

In this brochure, IPD presents the ethical compass plus three positions of data ethics, namely the critical, the progressive and the offensive.

Download Towards a Common Data Ethics (publication)



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