Information for Ukrainian refugees

Updated 31 August 2022

Are you bringing your own car to Denmark?

Are you bringing your dog to Denmark?

  • Your dog must have dog liability insurance

    It is compulsory to have dog liability insurance. The insurance covers damage caused by the dog, not damage to the dog. You can take out insurance for your dog by contacting one of these companies.

  • What happens if I don't have dog liability insurance?

    If you do not have dog liability insurance, you will be fined and you will be liable for all costs if your dog causes an injury.

Own property and liability (home/family insurance)

  • Are you staying with a host family?

    You may be insured through your host family's home insurance. You should contact the host family's insurance company to be sure. If the insurance company confirms that you are covered, it will cover both your belongings and your liability if you damage someone else's belongings.

  • Do you live in a refugee centre or similar?

    If you live in a refugee centre or similar, your belongings are not automatically covered by insurance. You should therefore take out insurance if you want to protect your belongings against damage and theft. An insurance will also cover your liability for damages.


  • Do you live with Ukrainian relatives or friends in Denmark?

    You might have access to up to 10 hours of psychological crisis counselling if your Ukrainian relatives have been offered it through their workplace.

  • Do you need urgent help due to illness?

    Generally speaking, you are entitled to emergency hospital treatment when you are in Denmark. Whether the need is urgent depends on a specific medical assessment.


    The Danish healthcare system is currently working to promote opportunities for Ukrainian refugees and the rules are constantly changing. Medical care may therefore be available even if the need is not urgent, and it is recommended to seek guidance on this at the place of treatment, including information on nationality and background.


    In case of emergency contact the emergency phone by calling: 112


    For urgent treatment, contact a hospital or the emergency phone on: 

    Capital Region of Denmark: 1813
    Central Denmark Region: 70 11 31 31
    North Denmark Region: 70 15 03 00
    Region Zealand: 70 15 07 00
    Region of Southern Denmark: 70 11 07 07

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